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Rules & Guidelines

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PostAileen on 5th July 2016, 03:12

Please note that our rules are being updated. We will notify everybody once we've finished.

Upon creating an account on this forum you agree with our Rules & Guidelines automatically. These rules may be changed anytime without any prior notice, all updates are listed here.

Account & Registration
 One account per person. Do not create multiple accounts for any reason. If you do not remember your login, password, can't access your e-mail or you fail to log in to your existing account, please contact us, we are happy to solve the issue. If you created another account by mistake, please report it to @Make My Sims Real, any duplicate accounts must be disabled.

Account sharing is disallowed. Everyone must have their own account. If you are sharing your Internet connection with someone else, please let us know here or message @Make My Sims Real.
Profile & Personalisation

Your username must be unique. Please refrain from using similar nicknames to avoid confusion. The rule also applies to using well-known creators' nicknames.
Your username must not be an e-mail or website address. E-mails, website addresses, links or telephone number nicknames are not allowed on this forum.
Usernames must not contain symbols or figures only.
Usernames must be in Latin script only.
If your username does not comply with our rules, we reserve a right to change your username to User #. You will receive a forum PM and an e-mail if that happens, and you will be given an opportunity to change your nickname.

Be respectful towards staff and other members at all times. Trolling, harassing, abuse or any kind of discrimination will not be tolerated.

One can be a member of several usergroups at once. The only exception to this rule is when a usergroup doesn't allow you to do so.
In order to join a usergroup, members must complete an application process. Those can vary and be changed at any time. Users cannot be accepted without an application process.
When joining a usergroup, you agree with their rules automatically. Usergroup-specific rules must be obeyed as well.

Keep the forum tidy. Please keep our forum tidy and easy to use and navigate through. Therefore we ask you to create topics in appropriate sections (forums) and refrain from off-topic and spam.
No hotlinking / bandwidth theft. Do not post direct links to files or images from other websites. If you are posting a file, please share a link to the page, not the direct link to the file. If you are posting an image, reupload it to an image hosting website.
Avoid off-topic. Please do not clutter our topics. Do your best to stick to the topic.
No spamming. 
No doubleposting / multiposting.
No Ad.Fly links. Posting Ad.Fly links on the forum is strictly prohibited.
Strictly no advertising.You should not advertise anything via PM or when posting. However, you may use your signature and Website Directory topics (sim sites only).
No excessive formatting (text colour, size and fonts). Keep the forum pleasant to read and view. It is advised not to use any formatting at all.
No hotlinking images. If you need to post an image from another website, please reupload it to an image-hosting service (Photobucket, Imageshack, Imgur, etc)
Please do not quote pictures. When quoting a post, please remove the picture code from your post.
Images must not contain any inappropriate materials.
Forum Functions
 Do not abuse the report function. Report function exists to let our moderators and administrators know about a problem, breaking the rules or broken links. Inappropriate use of the report function is not allowed.

Plumbobs cannot be sold or purchased for real money. The only way to earn Plumbobs is to be active on the forum by participating in discussions, challenges, forum activities, contests, etc. As for spending, Plumbobs can be only spent to unlock some forum features (signature, etc)
Tag System
 Do not abuse or use tags unnecessarily. Tag system exists for navigating throughout the forum. Cluttering tags is disallowed. Any inappropriate tag usages will be removed without any notice.

All eligible posts must be tagged. If you are posting something that might be relevant to tags (for example, custom content), please place tag appropriately.
Custom Content
 Do not reupload other creators' files. When sharing custom content submissions, please do not reupload files anywhere. You should link to the original post (thread, page) instead. This rule does not apply if the website is no longer active and the custom content you are posting is not available elsewhere (file sharing). Nevertheless you must mention the original website and creator in the description.

Do not post direct links to files (hotlinking). This is considered bandwidth theft. If you are submitting custom content from other websites, you must not post direct links to downloads. Please link to the original post instead. For example, if a creator shared their custom content on their Tumblr and the download link leads to SimFileShare, you must give a link to the post, not SimFileShare.

Where Can I Find
WCIF requests must be posted in 'Where Can I Find' sections only. Do not post WCIFs in other topics or discussions.
No WCIF requests via PM. Do not harass other members with Where Can I Find requests via PM, please post in our WCIF sections instead. If you think that a certain member of the forum might have something you need, mention them in the post (using @). 
Do not reply to WCIF requests outside the WCIF sections. We ask you not to encourage breaking the aforementioned rule by replying to those requests.
Only one active WCIF request (thread) at a time. If you have an active WCIF topic in one of the sections, do not post another one until it is fulfilled or archived. If you need to add something else, please update your existing topic. This does not apply for WCIF for different games, so you can have one request in each section at a time.
Before posting a request, please search the forum and other websites. 
Descriptive titles must be used when creating a thread. Do not use titles like 'Help', 'Please', 'WCIF', etc. Please use titles like 'Looking for this table', 'Vintage Clothing', 'WCIF this hairstyle'.
Do not abandon your topic. If you have posted a WCIF, please remember to visit your topic and reply to those who are trying to find items for you.
Completed WCIF must be tagged [FOUND] in the topic title. 

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