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Posts : 1585
Joined : 2016-07-05

PostAileen on 29th July 2016, 04:33

Read the rules carefully before posting. Please do not discuss websites here. This thread is strictly for sharing  links.

This topic was created to share links to websites with downloads that are dedicated to the Sims 2 or have a TS2 section. Any website is welcome, whether it is yours or not. 

By Type:

By Theme:

Posting Rules:

Description must be provided for each website. Please tell us what kind of things can be downloaded on the website.
You must tag your post appropriately. If you are sharing multiple links, please place tags after the description for each link.
If a website has adult content, you must warn in the post. 


General Tags
General - ts2_wd_allpurpose
Clothing - ts2_wd_clothing
Hair - ts2_wd_hair
Furniture & Objects - ts2_wd_clothing
Lots & Housing - ts2_wd_lots
Genetics & Body Shop - ts2_wd_genetics
Build Mode & Gardening - ts2_wd_build
Sims & Pets - ts2_wd_sims
Pets - ts2_wd_pets
Modifications - ts2_wd_mods
Programmes & Tools - ts2_wd_tools
Conversions - ts2_wd_conversions ts2_wd_1to2 ts2_wd_3to2 ts2_wd_4to2 
Default Replacements - ts2_wd_defaults

Alternative - ts2_wd_alternative
Medieval - ts2_wd_medieval
Posts : 1585
Joined : 2016-07-05

PostAileen on 10th November 2016, 03:12

Club Crimsyn is an alternative website that hosts clothes and other downloads. The TS2 version is no longer active, however, it has been archived.

Club Crimsyn @ TehSims
Club Crimsyn @ GoS

#ts2_wd_alternative #ts2_wd_clothing
Posts : 1585
Joined : 2016-07-05

PostAileen on 17th January 2017, 06:15

Simsomnia @ Blogspot is a blog where you can download clothing for adult female and male sims, toddlers and elders. The blog also offers meshes to download.

Always Sims is a blog where you can download clothes for adult female and male sims. The blog mostly offers conversions.

#ts2_wd_clothing #ts2_wd_meshes

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