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The Ultimate Forum FAQ & Guide

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PostAileen on 7th July 2016, 02:04

Posts : 2602
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PostAileen on 29th December 2016, 10:49

Account Management & Profile

How to register on Make My Sims Real?
 Registration is very quick and easy. You need to accept our rules and fill in a couple of details (login, password, e-mail, etc). You can also connect to Facebook and register in one click. Click here to register.
It takes no more than 5 minutes to register on Make My Sims Real.
Is registration required?
 No, you do not have to register to browse the forum. However, some key features are disabled for guests. For example, posting and replying is limited to members only. Currently downloading is only available for members as well. Our registration is very easy and simple - it will take you less than five minutes to do so. Register
Why become a member?
 Apart from some obvious reasons (like not being able to post on the forum), there are some advantages of being a member on Make My Sims Real.
You can read more about our forum here.
I can't activate my account / I never got the activation e-mail
 Firstly, we kindly ask you not to create another account. Please send us an e-mail via our Contact form to activate your account manually. You are encouraged to use the e-mail address you've used during registration. Sometimes we manually activate unconfirmed registrations. If that happens, you will receive an e-mail and will be able to access the forum normally.
I can't log in / I forgot my password / I forgot my login
 If you are a new user, you need to check your e-mail and follow the activation link there to activate your account. After that you should be able to access the forum. If you still cannot, please contact us via our Contact form, we will help you solve the issue.
If you are already a member and you can't access the forum for some reason, please contact us.
If you forgot your password, please use this service. This will work if you remember your login and e-mail.
If you forgot your login, you can contact us to help you restore your account.
If you remember your login, but you can't access your old (account) e-mail, please contact the administrator. Your issue will be solved shortly.
How to change my username?
 By default, usernames cannot be changed. However, you can apply for a username change here. You need to be an active member for your request to be accepted.
How to change my password?
 If you are logged in, you can change your password in your Profile.
If you can't remember your password, please use the password recovery service or contact us.
How to change my e-mail?
 Unfortunately, you are not able to change your e-mail address by default. In order to change your address, please go to this topic and follow the instructions given there.
How to change my avatar?
 Go to your Profile, click Avatar. You can choose between uploading a picture or linking it. Please remember that it is against the rules to hotlink images, so please upload your avatar to a image hosting service and post the link from there.
How to change my forum settings?

 Go to your Profile and click Preferences. You can change your settings there.
Messages (PM). You can allow and disallow private messaging with members. You can allow or disallow e-mail notifications for private messages. You can choose to display or not display message pop-ups on the forum.
E-mail. You can choose not to receive any e-mails by members. You can choose if you'd like to receive e-mail notifications when someone replies to a topic you have posted in. This can also be changed whenever you post. You can allow or disallow e-mail notifications of private messages you receive.
Facebook. You can link or unlink your Facebook account.
Newsletters. You can allow or disallow newsletters sent by administrators of Make My Sims Real. Newsletters are massive e-mails written and sent by this forums Administrators. If set to yes, you will receive them in your e-mail inbox.
Online Status. You can hide your online status or make it visible.
Reply Notifications. You can choose to be warned (or not) if a reply was posted while you where writing a reply to the same topic.
Signature. You can choose to always attach your signature or not. This can also be managed on a post basis.
BB-Code / HTML. Allow or disallow coding.
Smilies. You can choose to see or not to see smileys.
Language. You can change your default forum language.
Date And Time. You can change your timezone and your date and time format.
Why is this forum on a free hosting service?
 Make My Sims Real is a small forum that is owned and run by one person. To avoid the financial costs, it has been decided to create this forum on a free hosting platform. We currently only pay for the domain name. The main reason behind choosing a free platform is the fact that should we decide to abandon the project or stop paying for the domain name, the forum and its content will remain available for people to use.
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PostAileen on 5th April 2017, 01:52

Sharing Your Videos

If you are a YouTuber, you are welcome to share your videos and channel updates on Make My Sims Real. All you have to do is to create your own topic in Screenshots & Videos. As you can see, there are several sections there dedicated to each game. If you create videos about several of those, please create multiple topics and sort your content according to the game.

Creating Your Topic

Here are some tips on how to create your topic and make it attractive.

Your First Post. Your first message in the topic should be introductory. Tell us about your channel, how you created it, what kind of videos you make, what are your plans and so on. Don't invite users to watch your videos or subscribe straight away - it would be better just to tell them about your channel.
Posting Your Videos. After you've told us about your channel, feel free to share a couple of videos on the forum - use our 'Insert a YouTube video' feature. Please remember to tell the members what your video is about.

Do's and Dont's

Please don't about our Rules & Guidelines.

Joining The Usergroup

When you have a couple more posts on the forum and your topic is all set and done, you can join our YouTubers usergroup. Apply here.
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PostAileen on 15th June 2017, 06:54

Firstly, there are two ways of getting updates: e-mail notifications and forum notifications. You will be notified of any new posts out there.

Topic Bookmarking
Adding a topic to your favourite list is a handy way to have a quick access to your favourite or important topics. If you want to add a topic to your bookmarks, go to the topic and click 'Actions', choose 'Add to your bookmarks'. Now you can access the topic from your Favourites in your Profile. You can delete bookmarked topics there as well.

Topic Subscription
If you wish to get updates for a selected topic(s), you need to subscribe to it. In order to do this you need to go to the topic you wish to subscribe to and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a link that says 'Watch this topic for replies'. Click the link. Alternatively, you can add '?watch=topic' to the address of the topic. Now go to Notifications in your Profile. Tick e-mail or toolbar option under 'A new post in a watched topic'.
If you would like to unsubscribe, you can manage your watched topics in Topic(s) being watched section in your Profile.

Tag Subscription
You can follow a tag to receive notifications as well. If you want to follow a tag, copy the tag name and go to Tags in your Profile. Paste the name of the tag and click 'Follow a new tag'. Now go to Notifications in your Profile. Tick e-mail or toolbar option under 'A new post in a watched topic'.
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PostAileen on 21st June 2017, 00:54

Report function was designed to create automatic responses to rule breaking and other issues. It can be used in several ways:
— to report rule breaking on the forum
— to report broken images or links
— to edit messages and update information

Every post on the forum can be reported (unless the function is disabled). You can locate the button on your right-hand side.

When you click the button, you will be asked to choose a reason for reporting. There is also a box where you can write your comments if necessary.

When reporting a post, please choose an appropriate reason and write your comments if necessary. Then click the 'Save' button. Alternatively, you can use this code. X should be substituted by the number of a post.

Once it is done, your report will reach the administration of the forum. Your reports are usually handled within several days. The decision making process may take more or less than that. You may also receive a PM from the administration regarding your report.

You can report other members' posts and your own (if you need to edit or update your post, but such function has been disabled). Please do not report your own posts unnecessarily.

Do not abuse the report function. Persistent abusers will have their report function access disabled and will receive a form of punishment.
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