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Lime Crime Perlees

6th June 2017, 22:06 by Aileen

Hello again! I have decided to post some new stuff as soon as possible, so here I am with some updates. Today I'd like to present a new Lime Crime collection. This time it's going to be their [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] range. These are very similar to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] that I've made before.

Here you can see Denim in game. I used a model I created myself and if you'd like her uploaded here, please let me know. I think this shade looks very nice on her.

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The Sim Exchange

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PostAileen on 21st December 2016, 12:43

The Sim Exchange is a roleplaying challenge that creates new opportunities for simmers. Tired of creating sims that look the same? Want to try something new but you end up creating the same sims living that same old life again and again? The Sim Exchange aims to fix all that.
The basic idea is very simple: you download a sim offered by one of the community members, and, according to their predefined background and personality, play them in your hood and share their story with the community.

Getting Started

1. Choose a sim for adoption or request one. Download the sim and their belongings (if applicable).
2. Create a diary or a blog for the sim. Please do not forget to post a link to the original post of your new sim or copy the information there.
3. Move your sim in and start playing!


As this is a true-to-life storytelling challenge, you must not use cheatcodes and objects that affect age, motives and money.
Stick to the character of the sim.

Adopting A Sim

You may choose a sim that has already been offered by a community member or request one.
Existing sims for adoption. Find a sim that you like and ask to pack the sim for you. They should share the sim in PM.
Request a sim. Post your request in this topic. You may leave a few preferences (gender, personality, etc), but please remember that the result is completely up to the creator. Do not forget to mention your game and EP that you own. You can also request to create a random sim for you.
After you've received a sim, you need to create a diary or a blog for them. This can be done in D&B. Please do not forget to tag your topic by putting [TSE] in the title.
Use a spoiler to put the original information about your sim or link the original post.

Telling your story
You have two storytelling options to choose from: Diaries & Blogs and Legacy Challenge
The easiest way is to create a diary or a blog. This storytelling method has no restrictions and offers endless roleplaying opportunities.
You can also use the sim for Legacy Challenge. Please note that in that case you must choose the restrictions according to the sim's background story and personality.

Creating A Sim For TSE

Appearance. Appearance is easily handled in CAS. Try to be creative. You can 'pack' your sim with all clothes options or state that they have only one set of clothing. You may also describe the appearance if it is difficult to show it by the means of custom content.
Interests & Hobbies.
Background story.
Personal Belongings.
Favourite things.
Do not post your sim to the forum straight away - please wait till a forum member to request your sim. You can send them the link to your sim via PMs.

Do not copy the challenge without permission.

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