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Gipsy music videos

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Posts : 80
Joined : 2017-06-09

PostLizzy on 12th June 2017, 07:17

It's a very nice video which is a live TV performance for a Jewish wedding party. I love to watch it, almost daily.

The title of this Gipsy song varies and is also known as "Hop hop hop". It was covered by a Jewish musician as well.

Note that Rada might be the stage name of this Gipsy Queen. I googled and didn't find any details about her, though.

Posts : 80
Joined : 2017-06-09

PostLizzy on 14th June 2017, 12:07

Supporting Travel people/Romani/Gipsies

Posts : 80
Joined : 2017-06-09

PostLizzy on 9th November 2017, 19:08

This is Klezmer Gipsy music. Klezmer Gipsies are known for being of Jewish faith, essentially, from Hungary, Eastern European countries. Consequently, Jewish music also sounds much like Klezmer with the same instruments played.

Enjoy !

Posts : 2144
Joined : 2016-07-05

PostAileen on 10th November 2017, 02:26

That's interesting. How did you get into that genre, @Lizzy?
Posts : 80
Joined : 2017-06-09

PostLizzy on 10th November 2017, 07:57

I'm a member of a non-profit making organisation gathering travel people no living far from where I'm living. I've known this not far away area from my childhood. I've known Gipsies also at an Evangelical Church here, one Gipsy woman there was often humiliated, victim of rumours and I found it veru unfaire and then I left that church preaching love, compassion, etc.

Today, from research on family names, I know that my father quite certainly had Sinti Gipsy ancestors, as well as my grand-mother (on my mother's side). Gipsies don't fear me, or let's say they don't show distrust to me. A few like last year even talked to me to share their fears about the not so optimistic future in France. Like many people with Gipsy origins, whatever the ethnicity (Sinti, Romani), I never felt at home in france where I was born. I always felt like a stranger. This is why I was always seeking and wondering for years and years. Last year a Gipsy woman asked for the family names related to my father's side and my mother's side. Then from this, she confirmed that at least my father's name is 100% Sinti (German Sinti), very very common as such, while many people think that this family name is just German (because it's very common in Germany and Alsace, my region). Then she told me that often Gipsies never talk bad agaisnt Jews, those claiming to be Gipsies but talking bad against Jews aren't Gipsies at all. So with those few hints, I went along. The Gipsy woman I mean always called me sister, it's rare to be called as such by Gipsies : it means they recognise you as being of their "family" (non-Gadjo). In the 80's someone else already asked me if I'm Gipsy, maybe with some Slavic origins. I replied that I don't know, but find the remark interesting.

I discovered the wide range of Gipsy styled music at youtube, it's not just flamenco, it's more than this. European Gipsy music sounds very familiar to me. My grand-mother often used to hum joyfully one Gipsy tune, when I was very young : the Russian song known as "Those were the days". It's a Gipsy song.

I also noticed very often that most Gipsy people never talk bad against Jews, it's the contrary : Gipsies deeply respect Jews, so do I too, so did my own mother, my grand-parents. My grand-father (my mom's father) was a Just : he saved some Jews of their home village during world war II, did hide them for years in their basement. One needs to know that Gipsies and Hebrews had common roots and often the same destiny throughout the centuries until the dark days of nazism. Gipsies are extremely strong for remembering easily some passages of the Old Testament of the Bible. My grand-mother could quote Biblical proverbs by heart, herself. If from the Bible you want to be recalled a passage that you can't remember too well, ask a Gipsy !

PS : The Evangelical Church I did attend in the 80's wasn't a Gipsy community. Because in a Gipsy Evangelical Church Gipsies NEVER try to convert Gadjo people (non-Gipsies), they stay on their own, just like Jews also stay on their own in synagogues, not trying or wanting to convert people to their faith. Again Gipsies and Jews have many things in common.

Those were the days in Russian (live) : it's an authentic old Gipsy song, the very first tune I've known from ear-listening my grand-mother, when I was already 4 years old ! I cound't hum any other tune by heart at that age, but just this one.

Posts : 80
Joined : 2017-06-09

PostLizzy on 11th November 2017, 20:41

It might be seen as the H.Q. of all Gipsy artists related, far or close, to the Gipsy Kings' respective families. it's a Gipsy touristic place in Southern France. Camargues is THE Gipsy place in France, classified by the UNESCO a such.

A must see ! It's Gipsy flamenco styled.

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