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Any movies, TV or video documentaries that you watched and liked ?

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PostLizzy on 13th June 2017, 13:09

It might be interesting to share a bit about favourite movies and documentaries (video or on TV, etc.)

Recently, some documentaries interested me, but many of them were on French TV channels.

- One documentary about "biological battle" (Les nouveaux guerriers des champs *): it's about how bacteries, insects, can be very useful for ecological gardening, according to a very old Chinese technique, currently re-used in countries such as India.
* It's the French title and the entire video is at a Russian video site, but only in French.

- In French again only (sorry !) : I love Rav Dynovisz videos dealing with Judaism, interpretations of old Jewish Wisdom texts, also for our times.

For movies, fictions :

- I recently watched a TV movie (in several parts) after Aldous Huxley's famous book Brave new world. I found the videos at dailymotion, grabbed them and watched entirely. I know that an older movie was made after the book but I found it very boring. So in that newer version, there's a kind of happy end : people of the elite city (a couple) wanting to move to the area where banned people are living more or less on their own.

- I also watched the movie Idiocracy by Mike Judge (hilarious about a world in the future). Sometimes I tell myself that we're already in some kind of idiocracy today, where idle, careless, uneducated people mock those who are intellectually smart, deep-though and capable of discernment.

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