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Hy, I was passing by chance around here...

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Posts : 2
Joined : 2018-01-27

PostYleniaHouse on 27th January 2018, 18:43

Hello everyone! I'm a passionate player for The Sims since it started ... many, many years ago.
I had all the EPs and I didn't have time to explore them thoroughly because then Sims 2 came out.
I have everything in this new series, except for the Store and the Ultimate Collection. I own all the EPs and - I think - almost all the Stuff. Now I only play Sims 2 and I have never continued with the following series, 3 and 4, which in fact I never bought. My CCs spurt out of the computer like the Rome's fountains!
I'm Italian (did you understand that?) and I write. I'm the author of Hybonyx, a scifi sentimental novel, currently published in my mother-language. My dream is that it is translated into English ... And in the meantime I'm writing many other novels, including the sequel to Hybonyx.
I greet you, dear Simmers, and I wish you much fun. Grin
Posts : 1848
Joined : 2016-07-05

PostAileen on 28th January 2018, 11:51

Hello @YleniaHouse, thank you so much for joining our community. I hope you like it here. Another CC lover here Smile
I hope that your novel will be translated into English, so it's accessible to many other people Smile
Posts : 2
Joined : 2018-01-27

PostYleniaHouse on 29th January 2018, 10:06

Thanks to you, Aileen... I hope too! ;-)
And sorry for any errors due to my poor english. I'm glad to be here.
Posts : 68
Joined : 2017-06-09

PostLizzy on 31st January 2018, 20:53

Hello YleniaHouse and welcome to this cozy forum.
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