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Lime Crime Perlees

6th June 2017, 22:06 by Aileen

Hello again! I have decided to post some new stuff as soon as possible, so here I am with some updates. Today I'd like to present a new Lime Crime collection. This time it's going to be their [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] range. These are very similar to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] that I've made before.

Here you can see Denim in game. I used a model I created myself and if you'd like her uploaded here, please let me know. I think this shade looks very nice on her.

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[TS2] Where Can I Find?

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PostAileen on 18th July 2016, 08:00

Welcome to The Sims 2 Where Can I Find (WCIF) section. This section aims to help people find some specific or unavailable custom content.

There are several steps you should consider taking before posting your Where Can I Find request in this section:
search and browse the forum
— search and browse WCIF Archive
— try to use Google and browse other websites

To post a new WCIF request you need to start a new topic. Please bear in mind that:
— you are limited to only one WCIF topic in each section. If you have several requests, please post them in one topic
— if you have an active WCIF request while you need something else, please edit and update your topic

Topic Title. Creating a good title for your topic will highly increase the chances of your topic being noticed by the members and Treasure Hunters. Here are some rules and tips about naming your topic properly and effectively.

The title of your topic must be descriptive. Try to provide a very short and self-explanatory description in the title.

Here are some good examples of titles for WCIF requests:
Looking for a nude lipstick
WCIF this jacket
Searching for a round table
Big TV

Titles like 'Need to find ASAP', 'Please help', 'WCIF', 'HELP!!!', etc are considered inappropriate. If you use such a title your topic will be locked and archived.

Description. Please provide a very detailed and full description of what you are trying to find. This will massively increase your chances of getting a positive result and getting what you want to find. Here's some information you need to include:
— websites you've searched and the results you got
— creator's nickname / website
— a very detailed and full description of an item
a picture (for example, you can use Imgur or any other service to upload it)
— any other additional information you have

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