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About Gipsies/travel people

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PostLizzy on 10th November 2017, 11:42

Additional notes on the following :

- It's today confirmed that Gipsies are a lost tribe of Israel (actually the one missing and long time "hidden"). The governement of Israel has reserved a specific area in Israel for only Gipsies worldwide, in case of future Gipsy diaspora (ethnic cleaning, social banning in other countries). Gipsies being the lost tribe of Israel is disclosed today as Messianic news by Rabbis. By the way, Rabbis didn't confirm or allege any similar news about other ethnic groups, or other Natives in other countries or continents.
- For the Jewish community, Gipsies are by no mean considered or labelled Goyim or Gentiles. They have a specific status and have priority over Goyim for solidarity inside the Jewish community (when Gipsies might be in need)
- It'd be a wrong statement to claim today that some Gipsies were of a lower Hinduist caste. Gipsies never were Hinduists, even not seen by Hindus as belonging to the Hindu society, either in far away days or even today.
- Gipsies were more often captives, serving people, for Hindus, later for Muslims as well. With a little luck some Gipsies were serving as musicians, dance performers, or sometimes (Gipsy men) for horse caring in the military field, all over the centuries, even in Europe.
- The social laws inside the Gipsy community are very specific. In one clan, or local community, there's always a Gipsy King or Gipsy Queen : these Gipsies are the ones with better life conditions (financially, etc.) as for example, as artists/musicians today, they contribute to the well-being of their local Gipsy community, from what they earn as artists (often). A Gipsy King or Queen makes life conditions of their own local Gipsy community better (food, clothing, lodging, etc.). He or she might be known to local authorities among Gadjo people, as a mediator, defending the cause of the local Gipsy community in a country or town.
- Just as inside the Jewish community, Gipsy elders have to be highly respected for the decisions, advice, they'd provide. Being mean towards elders as a Gipsy can be a cause of ban from the community. Also alike Jews, Gipsies are self-determined, wishing to stay as autonomous as possible, socially, financially and would only help each other as Gipsies, in priority. Helping each other as Gipsies, is an obligation.
- In matter of household habits, while Jews and Gipsies don't share the same rules for food (Kashrut), there's one that both have in common and it's a small detail that counts : both would wash and dry bed sheets separately from the rest of the laundry (so did my grand-mother and mother), as well as clothes like undies, socks, bras (all first worn close to the skin, before the rest), even today. Such a laundry habit is rarely seen anywhere else.


It's rather difficult to explain the pre-historic origins of Gipsies, because they basically form what we call today a trans-national community. Which means : Gipsies were, quite a long time ago, before our era, an ethnic community, possibly split into various tribes, small groups, therefore moving already a lot, according to seasons, how the environment would provide for their basic needs. However, at some point, they had to suffer some kind of banning from their own territories and had no possibility ever to settle for good somewhere in a home-country and later as a nation.
Alike Hebrews and many Jews still today, Romani (or Gipsy) people belong to the Diaspora people (trans-national). It seems that some centuries ago they lived quite at peace in Bohemia, before being persecuted, banned from the entire rest of the society.

It's known today that the most ancient ancestors of Gipsies came from a region very close to India, where  a few descendants can still be found today. Back in those old days, many of them were either employed as stablemen, especially for the military local forces, or assigned to handcraft arts assistants, basic farming work, musical, poetic entertainment for festivities. They started to get the reputation of being loyal, reliable and hard working servants, therefore certainly recommended to other foreigners (middle-class, aristocracy) or also perhaps sent as captives to serve in other countries.

From having endured banning and captivity by invaders all over the centuries, Gipsies often had either to adopt a local religion (to stay free) or serve again, with as only retribution to live quite permanently in an area of a rich family's house.

Before the Middle-Ages, some Gipsies served in rather good living conditions inside Catholic monastries (taking care of medicinal plants, fruits, trees and the basic domestic work, sometimes handcraft arts with more responsibilities), but after most of them closed in Slavic countries, they found themselves unemployed and homeless, sometimes for many generations until today (Bulgaria, Romania). Romani people still today in Slavic countries are among the ones living in the most scandalous inhuman conditions in Europe, while in Southern France, Spain and Finland they're often living in much better conditions - especially in Finland.

Special notes on very recent discoveries not known to many :

Romani people aren't seen at all as Goyim by the Jewish people. There's an explanation for this, by some Rabbis in Israel : Romani people have often been persecuted exactly at the same time as Jews, in the same geographic areas ; they seem to share some old traditions that were known from Ancient Hebrews : oral transmission only of stories, tales, divinatory arts knowledge, sometimes in secrecy (Tarot and Torah are quite much the same, the Tarot being the illustrated book for Romani people) : a few words of Hebrew resonance could be found still today in Rrom (Romani's language) : Romani people seem to have a rather easy understanding of passages from the Old Testament of the Bible, they get familiar with them more quickly than other Christians. In the clothing aspect, Gipsies who arrived in Europe in the Middle-Ages by the 14th century, all used to wear striped long clothes like Ancient Hebrews - some of them came from... Palestine and  the close regions. Romani people are also  very skilled for business activities, for selling and negociating, trading. But most importantly, just alike Ancient Hebrews and today Jews, Gipsies never had any practice for sailing, or anything to do with boat activities.

Rabbis in Israel do think, at the light of the Torah, that Gipsies do belong to a "lost" tribe of Israel, consequently won't be treated like Goyim. Gipsies are very close to respect the Noachic Laws of the Torah (those laws given to Noah are mostly environmental ethic laws, ecological laws as well).

It's oddly alleged that Gipsy people were first living in Egypt, that later they identified Jesus and Mary-Magdalene as their most noble ancestors - both having had children together, a daughter named Sarah among others. This might be seen today as a founding myth which helped Gipsies to recognise each other as one and same community, as long as they didn't settle down somewhere. Such founding myths only helped most nomadic people to identify each other inside the community they wanted to belong to (in order to not be confused with any other community or established society they had little in common with). Consequently the Black Virgin Mary festivity is only a rallying ritualised tradition, in Southern France (Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer), helping all Gipsies to gather at least once a year in just one place, to celebrate, be in communion, socially and spiritually at some point.

About Gipsies/travel people VUGOUyV

Gipsy pilgrimage festivities in Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France

Romani people got officially their own trans-nation flag :

About Gipsies/travel people KPU3Yoi

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