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Welcome to Make My Sims Real

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PostAileen on 24th July 2016, 14:57

Welcome to Make My Sims Real forum

Make My Sims Real is a sims forum, that aims to provide you with the best simming-community experience. Here you can find well-organised and high quality custom content, useful guides and tutorials, sim-stories and challenges, interesting discussions and much more.

We will teach you how to get the most out of your game, help you minimise bugs and glitches, get rid of technical problems, prevent corruptions, and maximise fun. We know how to enhance your game with the help of custom content, codes and tricks. Our main goal is to create a friendly and helpful community of avid simmers.

Our forum is user-friendly and has a highly customisable design. We offer fast guest and user forum support, as well as user-to-user game and custom content help.

What is Make My Sims Real?

User-Friendly Forum
Our forum is really easy to use. However, if you still have any questions regarding the forum, you can always ask them here

Highly Customisable Design
Tired of those forums in colours you don't like? You can choose your own colour scheme and change it whenever you want. We offer more than 100 colour themes and plan to implement even more. You can even choose your own colour! Random theme is available too - the scheme will change every time you open a new page. Your colour choice will be saved and you will be able to view the forum in your favourite colour when you access the forum.
If you don't like light forums you can always switch to our dark theme - just scroll down and turn the lights off.
Guides and Tutorials
We aim to share all our knowledge about the Sims game series with you. We will teach you all we know about gameplay, building and design, custom content creation and more. We like to find interesting solutions and game secrets, and we are eager to share this knowledge with you. Our forum is also a great place to share your experience with the community. All the guides are moderated and organised, so you don't have to worry about looking for them everywhere and choosing the best one - everything is already done for you.

Game Support and Help
If you are experiencing any problems with your game, we will be happy to help you. We provide user-to-user game support and help from experienced simmers.

Organised and high-quality custom content
You can find custom content for your games on our forum. All the submissions are hand-picked and pre-moderated, so we are proud to say that we have the best custom and high-quality custom content selection. We collect creations from various websites, and aim to cover not only well-known ones, but also small blogs and sites. All the creations are well-organised, put into categories and tagged. Our custom content forums are updated daily. 

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PostAileen on 24th July 2016, 18:22

Hello and welcome to Make My Sims Real forum! We are pleased to have a fellow simmer here. This small guide will help you make yourself at home and get started easily.

First Things First

This may seem a little bit obvious, but one of the first things you need to do when you join a new community is to make sure that you are familiar with all the do's and dont's - read our Rules & Regulations. This will help you avoid unpleasant situations, warnings and even bans.

We aim to create a friendly and welcoming community here, as well as a useful platform for sharing knowledge, news and custom content related to the Sims game series. Following those simple rules and guidelines will ensure that our forum is easy and pleasant to use for anybody. We recommend that you make sure that you know our rules before posting.

Using the forum

When you first open our forum, it may be a bit overwhelming: there are so many buttons, functions, categories, and forums. It may seem a just little bit difficult to use all those features and navigate, but actually it's nothing like that at all. There are some useful guides on how to use the forum, which are located in The Ultimate Forum FAQ and Guide topic. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them in our Support forum. We are always here to help you.

Your Profile

Well, now you know how to use the forum and navigate through it. We think it's time to show yourself a bit. One of the most important things on a forum is your avatar picture. An avatar is your graphical representation, you will be associated and recognised by it. It can be easily set and changed in your Profile. There are also several fields there that will help the community know you better: your location, hobbies, major game, etc. You can add some of your social networks, messengers, blogs and other contact fields.

Start Communicating

Your profile looks great now, doesn't it? It's high time to start communicating. Firstly, don't forget to introduce yourself to the community by saying 'Hi' in our Introductions section. This is probably the easiest way to start getting to know the community members.

Obviously, this forum is dedicated to the Sims game series, so you're most likely a simmer too. Just start browsing the forum - we are sure that some of our sections will interest you. Simply start taking part in the existing discussions or create your own ones. The structure is quite simple: each generation has four sections: General Discussion, Guidelines & Tutorials, Help & Support, Custom Content. General Discussion sections are dedicated to the game in general. There you can discuss the game, ask any gameplay questions. Guidelines & Tutorials sections provide information, guides, tutorials, tips and tricks. Help & Support is dedicated to any technical game-related questions and issues, you can ask your questions and get some help there. Custom Content sections comprise our downloads selection and finds. Those are hand-picked and pre-moderated.

You may also be interested in our usergroups. Currently we have Treasure Hunters, Creators and Resident Creators. You can apply to become a member in this topic.

Now that we are all set and done, we would like to wish you a pleasant stay on Make My Sims Real.
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PostAileen on 28th July 2016, 00:03

Hello, fellow simmer! A warm welcome to Make My Sims Real.

Firstly, you are more than welcome to say hello in our Introductions section. Just create a new topic and tell us something about yourself - we are looking forward to getting to know you!

Tell us a bit about how you found the forum in How did you find Make My Sims Real. It's always interesting to know how we all gathered here.

Our forum can be really colourful. Have you tried our colour schemes yet? If you have, please tell us about your favourite colour choices in What is your favourite colour scheme topic.

What about your favourite generation of The Sims game series?

Do you remember how it all started? The Sims games first launched in 2000, can you believe that it was almost 20 years ago? Have you ever played the Sims Original, by the way?

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PostAileen on 28th July 2016, 00:03

forum owner & creator, administrator

Posts : 2789
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PostAileen on 27th January 2017, 00:34

Custom Content & Downloads

Our custom content is extremenly easy to browse and navigate. Sort by creator, class, theme, type and much more. Want to see wedding dresses only? Interested in microwave food? Looking for a short formal dress? It's all possible!
Want to be the first to see the updates? Interested in certain custom content? On Make My Sims Real it's possible to create your own feed of custom content updates. No need to scroll, look or Google anymore! Get your own custom feed of custom content.
We aim to post only high-quality and interesting custom content.
You are a creator yourself? Share your creations on Make My Sims Real. No need to reupload, share directly from your website or blog.
No hotlinking!
Are you also a custom content addict with gigabytes of stuff in your Downloads folder? Share our friendly team of Treasure Hunters!

Our custom content sections include submissions and finds from various websites on the Internet. While there are a lot of websites that offer custom content finds, here on Make My Sims Real we believe that downloads should be more organised and finding specific custom content should be very easy and therefore we have developed a system to achieve that.

The idea behind creating such a system was that even though there are so many amazing websites, blogs and forums with custom content and downloads, sometimes it is really difficult to find exactly what you are looking for without having to search or look through the entire website. Unfortunately, usually, categories are quite broad and abstract, which makes it even more difficult to navigate through websites and find what you want. If you ever experienced the same issue, our forum is for you. 

Our goal is not only to find high-quality custom content but also thoroughly organise, categorise and tag downloads appropriately. For example, let's have a look at our Food & Drinks section for The Sims 2. Firstly, you can sort the creations by their type - Food and Drinks. Well, this is quite simple, isn't it? There is even more to come. Another criterion used is their class (soup, salad, main course, dessert, etc.), you can also sort the creations by occasion (holidays, birthday, wedding, etc.) and time of meal. Finding something specific has never been easier!

And if you wish to get updates, you can have them all by subscribing to one of our global tags or have, for example, breakfast dishes only. Click here to know more about our subscription methods, that feature standard e-mail notifications and only forum ones.

While we look for interesting custom content daily, any website or blog is welcome to submit their creations. There is no need to open a new topic and post your updates there, your creations will be seen among the rest of the catalogue. You do not have to reupload anything, just post a link to your resource and it will be added to our directory.

Our Principles:
No Ad.Fly, hotlinking or reuploading creations.
High-quality custom content from various websites.
Well-organised, categorised and tagged custom content system.
Daily directory updates.
Specific custom content should be easier to find.
Priority is given to creators' own websites, rather than well-known ones. 
Personalised updates.

Thank you for your support of the project. We do hope you enjoy simming with Make My Sims Real. 
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Joined : 2016-07-05

PostAileen on 9th August 2017, 00:01

The best way to help our forum is to be an active member. Join the discussions, open new topics, share your creations, tell us your thoughts, post some pictures... The opportunities are endless! You can also join one of our usergroups to take an active part in our forum's development. Yes, it's as simple as that!
You know someone who likes The Sims game series? Invite your friend to our forum, let's help our community grow. The more the better!
Nowadays a lot of people have social networks. Make My Sims Real has them too! Share our promotional posts, reblog or retweet, post our links on your resource. Every little helps!

Thank you for your support!
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